Experimental Studies on the Construction of Doubly Curved Structures

Type: Publication
Year: 2017
Author:Eike Schling, Rainer Barthel
Published in: DETAILstructure 01/17
Office: Technische Universität München, Chair of Structural Design, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Barthel

It is easy to design free-form building envelopes on the computer. Curved structures also offer the advantage of an efficient, spatial load transfer, like a shell. However, in building such structures, a higher degree of complexity must be taken into consideration during planning, design, fabrication, construction and in their logistics. The authors have been studying the geometry and construction of curved surfaces as part of the research project “Repetitive Grid Structures”. This project does not aim to cover all digitally designed surfaces and their seemingly unlimited diversity. The focus rather lies on certain geometric structures that can be built from simple elements with a reduced number of parameters. The study shows that these repetitive structures are following characteristic laws of form that offer new possibilities for design and construction.

About eikeschling

Dr.-Ing. | Architect BYAK Assistant Professor in Architectural Structures The University of Hong Kong

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