Experimental Structures, Elastic Grid Mechanisms

Type: Design Studio
Name: Experimental Structures, Elastic Grid Mechanisms
Year: 2019, Master Design Studio
Supervisor: Jonas Schikore, Eike Schling
Office: Technische Universität München, Chair of Structural Design, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Barthel
Team: Alberto Ortensi, Barbara von Waarden, Chiara Saccomanno, Frederik Justnes, Han Li, Noémi Theirens

Every summer, the Chair of Structural Design hosts an international research-By-Design Studio: Experimental Structures. In 2019, six international students investigated elastic grid mechanisms, and their potentials for architectural applications. A complete descriptions of all projects can be found on our University website: Lehrstuhl für Tragwerksplanung

About eikeschling

Dr.-Ing. | Architect BYAK Assistant Professor in Architectural Structures The University of Hong Kong

One comment

  1. Good afternoon Professor Schling,

    I am a product designer in Hong Kong, who was doing my master of Product Design in Paris.

    I found out your work through my German friend Kilian Wolf, who is currently teaching in TUM and did his exchange before in Shanghai Tongji with me. I am interested in traditional handcrafts at the same time searching for a possibility to combine parametric logic with the handicraft working.

    I have done a bamboo design project which resembles to this experimental project of your team in terms of forms and shapes – mine was constructed by a parametric structure of bamboo strips.

    It will be my great pleasure to share the document of this design idea with you and have any advice or feedback from you. As now I am learning another local handcraft(白鐵工藝) in Hong Kong for a future exhibition in Crafts On Peel Gallery, I would hope to discover more about your research and the related knowledge about the experimental surface.

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