KAUST Architectural Geometry Workshop

Type: Workshop
Name: Architectural Geometry
Year: 2023
Collaborators: Florian Rist, Sebastian Lettner, Hui Wang, Helmut Pottmann
Host: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology KAUST, Visual Computing Center VCC
Office: The University of Hong Kong

In January I was invited to run a workshop on Architectural Geometry and Computational Design at KAUST, Saudi Arabia. The lectures and digital tutorial session were preceded by a full-scale assembly of an elastic gridshell using a tent-pole system developed by my colleague Kristof Crolla. The students learned and experienced structural behaviour and geometry, and later used this knowledge to develop their own designs using digital modelling and a kit-of-parts system for lamella-gridshells.

The Visual Computing Center at KAUST offers a unique opportunity to strengthen this link between architecture and science. We invite interested students of architecture to a week-long workshop on computational architecture. We want to bridge the gap between the latest research in geometry, computer graphics, simulation and modeling, and machine learning and design practice. Participants will have the opportunity to learn directly from our professors about their latest results in their fields.

Video by Sebastian Lettner und Florian Rist

About eikeschling

Dr.-Ing. | Architect BYAK Assistant Professor in Architectural Structures The University of Hong Kong

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