Inside\Out Gridshell

Type: Research Pavilion
Location: Munich, Germany
Year: 2017
Status: completed
Contribution: Project Management, Research, Design, Planning, Construction

Planning Team: Eike Schling, Denis Hitrec, Jonas Schikore
Student Team: Beatrix Huff, Andrea Schmidt, Viktor Späth, Miquel Lloret Garcia, Maximilian Gemsjäger
Office: Technische Universität München, Chair of Structural Design, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Barthel
Website: Chair of Structural Design
Partner: Brandl Metallbau, Eitensheim


The INSIDE\OUT pavilion was constructed at the central campus of the Technical University of Munich. (Foto: Felix Noe)

The INSIDE\OUT pavilion is the first architectural gridshell, that utilizes so called “asymptotic curves” on a minimal surface design. This new construction technique enables a simple fabrication and construction process: All lamellas can be fabricated as flat and straight elements. They are elastically bent during the construction process. All joints are identical and meet at 90 degrees.

Design Process : A catenoid is manipulated by shifting and shaping its boudary circles, to create an architectural space with a circular courtyard and two archways.

The design is based on a catenoid – the minimal surface between two circles. By adjusting the position and shape of these two boundary curves, an architectural space was designed, that adjusts to the green islands of this courtyard.

View underneath the asymptotic grid structure. The gridshell is constructed from straight lamellas. The quadratic grid is overlayed with a diagonal steel cables. THe seam betwen two segments is only visible at second glance. (Foto: Felix Noe)

The grid structure is constructed from 1000 m of 1.5 mm thick and 100 mm wide stainless steel lamellas. It spans an area of approx. 90 m² and has a surface weight of only 18 kg/m², a total of 1,6 tons. INSIDE\OUT was built in September 2017 for the 150th aniversary of the TUM.

The pavilion is constructed from straight and flat strips of steel. The strips are slotted together by hand. Each segement was assembled flat and later bent into shape.

The final form is fixed, by locking each joint to 90 degrees. The pavilion is assemble from 9 segments, which are bolted together on site. Finally, the grid is stiffened with diagonals cables.

The construction itself relies on very simple processes. The lamellas are cut straight and flat, and can be easily transported. They are slotted together by hand into flat segments. These segments are bent into their curved geometry. By fixing every node to 90 degrees and adding extra cable supports, the shape is stiffened in its final geomery.

The pavilion is design for a green courtyard, embracing a tree and creating three archways through the landscape. (Foto: Felix Noe)

INSIDE\OUT will be part of the 150th anniversary of the TUM 2018. In the spring a membrane facade will be added to the structure, (Foto: Felix Noe)

Project Team:

Technische Universität München
Fakultät für Architektur
Lehrstuhl für Tragwerksplanung

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Barthel


Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Eike Schling
Cand. Ing. Denis Hitrec
M.Sc. Jonas Schikore


Eike Schling, Denis Hitrec, Andrea Schmidt, Viktor Späth, Miquel Lloret Garcia, Maximilian Gemsjäger, Jonas Schikore, und others…

in Zusammenarbeit mit:

Brandl Metallbau, Eitensheim

Matthias Müller, Schlossermeister, Technisches Zentrum, TUM


 TeDa (Isogeometrische B-Rep Analyse), Lehrstuhl für Statik, TUM
Prof. Helmut Pottmann, Institute of Applied Geometry, TU Wien
Evolute, The geometry experts, Wien
Pfeifer, Seil- und Hebetechnik, Memmingen


Dekanat der Fakultät für Architektur
Dr. Marschall Stiftung
Leonhard Lorenz Stiftung
ARI / Architectural Research Incubator

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