Canopy for the Hotel Intergroup in Ingolstadt

Type: Canopy
Location: Ingolstadt, Germany
Year: 2019
Status: completed
Planning Team: Eike Schling,  Jonas Schikore
PartnerBrandl Metallbau, Eitensheim

The Asymptotic Canopy draws attention to the main entrance to the Intergroup Business and Design Hotel, Ingolstadt. The stainless steel structure is composed of four symmetrical pods of strained lamella gridshells spanning between rigid steel frames. The structure creates a central ornamental portal and two side wings within the semi courtyard in front of the main entrance. The steel structure is covered with a membrane roof, which is tensioned by an elastic steel arch.

The gridshell was designed digitally, following the asymptotic curves on the negatively curved design surface. This allowed for the simple flat fabrication of straight stainless steel strips. The lamellas were slotted together by hand into flat segments and pulled up to elastically bend into their design shape. The steel frame was welded from twisted profiles, following the curvature of the inner grid.

The project is a collaboration of Brandl Steel manufacturer, Jonas Schikore engineering and Eike Schling.

Completed steel structure, without the membrane-covering.


About eikeschling

Dr.-Ing. | Architect BYAK Assistant Professor in Architectural Structures The University of Hong Kong

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