Asymptotic Envelope Substructure

Type: BuildingEnvelope
Location: Hong Kong, Taipei
Year: 2020
Status: Completion Substructure
Office: The University of Hong Kong
In collaboration with: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Shen Guan Shih
Industry Partner: Gomore Building Envelope Technology, Sam Hsu

Project Team: Eike Schling, Jacky Chu, Muye Ma, Wesley She, Fai Lam Chung, Nuozi Chen
Lee Chun Ki, Yao Dongni, Choi Chung Hei, Chung Bing Tsun, Ma Chun Hon, Ng Sherene Poh Li, So Cheuk Lam, Wang Xiangning, Zhu Xiang, Yang Mei, Chan Ching Yee

Together with the elective course ‘Structural Research’ at HKU we constructed a steel prototype for a doubly curved curtain wall module this semester. A combination of teaching and research, hands-on experience and digital design. Students had the chance to build and bend, and design their individual solution for a facade cladding looking at glass panels, prestressed membranes to elastic acrylic panels.

Facade strategies exterior (top) and interior (bottom) view. From left to right. A: PTFE membrane tensioned via internal arches. B: inflated ETFE cushions. C: scaled planar glass following the curvilinear lamellas. D: triangulated frameless glazing. E: planar quadrilateral glazing along the provincial curvature directions. F: developable, elastic acrylic strips.

About eikeschling

Dr.-Ing. | Architect BYAK Assistant Professor in Architectural Structures The University of Hong Kong

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