Morphology of Kinetic Asymptotic Grids

Type: Conference Proceedings
Title: Morphology of Kinetic Asymptotic Grids, in DMSB Towards Radical Regeneration
Year: 2022
Authors: Eike Schling, Jonas Schikore
Published in: Design Modelling Symposium Berlin, 2022
Available: September 23, 2022
ISBN: eBook ISBN 978-3-031-13249-0 , Print ISBN 978-3-031-13248-3 
Office: University of Hong Kong

Abstract. This paper investigates the kinetic behaviour of asymptotic lamella grids with variable surface topology. The research is situated in the field of semicompliant grid mechanisms. Novel geometric and structural simulations allow to control and predict the curvature and bending of lamellas, that are positioned either flat (geodesic) or upright (asymptotic)within a curved grid.We build upon existing
research of asymptotic gridshells and present new findings on their morphology.
We present a digital and physical method to design kinetic asymptotic grids. The physical experiments inform the design, actuation strategy and kinetic boundaries, and become a benchmark for digital results. The kinetic behaviour of each sample is analysed through five stages. The digital models are used to calculate the total curvature at every stage, map the energy stored in the elastic grids and predict equilibrium states. This comparative modelling method is applied to seven asymptotic grids to investigate transformations and the impact of singularities, supports and constraints on the kinetic behaviour. Open grids without singularities are most flexible and require additional, external and internal constraints. The cylindrical typology acts as a constraint and creates symmetric kinetic transformations. Networks with one, two and four singularities cause increasing rigidity and limit the kinetic transformability. Finally, two prototypical architectural applications are introduced, an adaptive shading facade and a kinetic umbrella structure, that show the possible scale and actuation of kinetic designs.
Keywords: Asymptotic networks · Semi-compliant mechanism · Kinetic behaviour · Comparative modelling

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